About Us

Netticasino to attract PlayersThank you for your interest in our blog. In this section, we tell a little about ourselves, our blog and the reasons for creating a blog.

First, some information about us. We are two big consumers of online casinos, we don’t mean that we lose all our money to online casinos, but that we play games a lot and with many years of experience. We both started playing in online casinos about five years ago. In the beginning, the biggest difficulty for us was choosing the right online casino and choosing the best and most profitable game at that online casino. So we have learned our lesson the hard way. This is the main reason why we have created this blog. We want to offer Finnish players who play online casinos or who already play at them some advice that we have received along the way. So we are not employed by any casino company, we both have normal day jobs and we play online casinos in our spare time. We offer Finnish players completely independent views and experiences of our own. It’s clear that there are different opinions about some of the things we tell you about, and that’s how it should be.

So what can you expect from this site as a new player? You can expect the ease of choosing an online casino, finding the best bonus, finding the best paying slot machine and everything in between. When you read the blog, keep in mind that we are really just two normal guys who want to help their fellow players. We are not asking you for anything, but we are trying to help you avoid the problems that we encountered daily at the beginning of playing. Nowadays, these problems have multiplied because the number of online casinos has multiplied and that number only continues to grow every day. So read through our blog and take the advice that suits you best. If something remains unclear to you after reading, please contact us and we will advise you to the best of our ability in all questions related to online casinos and their games.