You must establish your poker goals if you want to reach your goals. While you can continue playing, it is much easier and faster to set goals for poker and work towards them. So how can you decide the right goals?

Setting Poker Goals – Don’t Limit Yourself

You can write down anything and everything you like about poker. Don’t limit yourself. If money and time are not a problem, you can accomplish anything in your life.

Each day, try to write at least 100 words. Once you’ve sorted through the bigger ideas, you can start to pick out smaller skills and tricks. For example, you might make $1million by playing poker and blind-reraise.

Poker Goals: In Your Opinion

Next, set a standard timeline for these goals to be arranged in a logical order. For example, it would be very improper to set a goal of earning $1million in poker if you have not earned any money. Instead, it could be kept for several more years.

It’s best to start with the rationale. Before you aim for $1million in poker, it might be worth considering ‘Mastering preflop odds’ and ‘Being able to place aggressively placed bets’ as your goals confidently.

Setting Poker Goals – SMARTIE Goals

Next, pick between two or more goals. One for 1 months time. One for 3 months, one for 1 year. These are your goals. Now, collect all the information you need to achieve these goals. This is an old-fashioned method. Each goal must:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • It is possible
  • Realistic
  • Timeframe
  • Inspirational
  • Emotional

Once you have written your goals down in small paragraphs you can place them wherever you see them each day. For example, my goals are in my bedroom, where I get dressed, and on my computer, playing online poker.

Probabilities are you realizing just how helpful and useful this article was for you and how easy it is to set goals in poker. It is possible. This is the first step to achieving your goals.

It is important to set goals accurately. If you are unsure, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Continue reading to learn more about setting goals for poker.

Quick Hit Las Vegas Slot Machine

Quick Hit Las Vegas, a video slot machine with 30 pay lines by Bally, is called Quick Hit Black Gold. This Internet slot machine is similar to Quick Hit Black Gold and Quick Hit Platinum from the same series. Both online and land-based casinos love these three games. This thrilling game has many great features that offer the chance to win massive payouts.

Play at the Casino Floor

Quick Hit Las Vegas pays tribute to its hometown, Las Vegas. The iconic imagery features Las Vegas imagery, including the city’s bustling skyline, adorned with complimentary renderings of Vegas staples like casino chips, dice, and palm trees. Martinis for Two, a Roulette Wheel, Wild Sign, Free Games sign, Quick Hit Logo, the Wild symbol, Quick Hit Logo, the Wild sign, and the Quick Hit Logo are all found on the reels. The standard Ace King Queen Jack and ten traditional slot symbols also exist.

Unrated Features

Although glancing at Quick Hit Las Vegas’ paytable might give the impression that there isn’t much happening, a few spins of the game will reveal a whole new story. While the Wild can be used to complete winning symbols on active pay lines, it cannot replace the Quick Hit Logo, or the Free Games scatter.

If three or more additional scatter symbols appear on the reels, the Free Games Scatter Symbol will activate the Free Games Bonus Feature. Only reels 2, 3, and 4 will have scatter symbols. Depending on how many scatter symbols appear on the reels, a multiplier value will apply to the total stake for the triggering spin. A maximum of 2000X stake can be achieved if nine scatter symbols appear on the reels in the same spin. This makes for an exciting and unique feature.

Free Games Bonus

The Free Games Bonus Feature will be activated when 3 Free Games symbols appear on the reels. After the game has been activated, players will be asked to choose from 20 tiles to match 3 tiles. This will reveal the number of free spins they have won. In addition to the bonus rounds winnings, players will receive a 2X multiplier on their total wager. Some multipliers can be added. You can also win additional free games depending on the symbols.

Complementary Wager Scale

The real-money slot machine betting limits at Quick Hit Las Vegas follow the Bally tradition. You can place a bet starting at 0.30 on each of the 30 lines or as high as 450.00. This caters to most budgets, particularly those who like playing online low-limit slots.


Quick Hit, Las Vegas, is just one of three types under Quick Hit Platinum or Quick Hit Black Gold. These games are popular because they are similar to the Bally-produced land-based casino slots. This game is a massive hit with advanced and novice players due to its large payouts and similarity to the live casino slot machines of the same name.