Pinocchio, an online video slots game developed by Betsoft, is a popular online slot machine. The game is based on the 19th-century novel by Italian author Carlo Collodi and the Walt Disney Film Pinocchio – although the game’s graphics are superior to Walt Disney’s Pinocchio. It has five reels and a selection of winning lines, including 1, 3, 5, 7, or 9, up to 15! The game also has a perk round of free spins. It is compatible with most mobile devices, including iPads, Macbooks, and tablets.

Who is pulling the strings?

Pinocchio and Mister Geppeto, Pinocchio’s father, are the two main characters on the Pinocchio slot machine. The two characters appear as symbols in different forms on the reels. Other signs include Geppeto’s creations, like a sled or a clock. The Pinocchio book, his cage, a gypsy car, and an array of colorful letters in attractive fonts are also included. Geppeto’s workshop made up of various wooden objects, forms the game’s background. This is the primary world. There is also a secondary one with two stages: the classroom and puppet show/stage.

The following are some examples of The wide range of standard symbols that pay offers many different payout options. Three matching symbols can pay as little as 5 cents for specific letters and up to 20 cents for the maximum. The payouts for four symbols range between 15 and 75. The payouts for five symbols can be anywhere from up to 500.

The Milo feature will appear on the reels to increase your winnings. You can choose the number of paylines you want on the right, and the line view option will show you the lines.

Free Fairy Spins is another feature


The stake options vary from 0.02 to 1.0. The minimum bet for each line is 0.02 = 0.02, while all players can accommodate the maximum bet of 1.0 = 15 lines. The Bet per Line button allows high rollers to adjust their stake between 1 and 5 times the maximum bet multiplied by the number of lines. You can also use the ultimate bet button to apply your maximum stake easily. There is also an autoplay option, where you can set your stakes, coins, and bets for each line for a certain number of automatic spins (between 5 and 100).

Slot Summary

Betsoft’s latest addition is a fun slot game. Nothing I have written has made me grow a nose!

Treasure Room Slots

Treasure Room is a solid, well-executed slot game with five reels and 30 paylines from BetSoft Gaming. This video slot has unique and lucrative bonus features, such as the Shield and Sword Bonus and the Treasure Room Bonus. Combining these unique features and near-perfect graphics with the effects and graphics makes the search for Treasure Room worth it. Treasure Room must be available on BetSoft ToGo’s mobile platform. However, Windows, Linux, and Mac slot players can enjoy the Treasure Room online without downloading.


Treasure Room, as the name implies, is about searching for hidden treasures that Roman emperors hid. You will be given a map to help you find the treasure room. There, you will see all kinds of prizes, including Gold Coins and Treasure Chests. You might uncover unforeseen secrets and treasures that lead to massive payouts if you’re lucky. Treasure Room is an example of BetSoft’s attention to detail and the intricate design of their slots. They are known for their graphic excellence and elaborate storylines.

The following are some examples of Treasure Room, like most BetSoft Slots3 titles, has some unique features that are fun and rewarding. The Compass symbol is wild and replaces other characters not part of the feature to create winning combinations. Treasure also offers a click-me-bonus, a second screen bonus, and a progressive prize.

Treasure Chest is the jackpot symbol. If you match 5 or more Treasure Chests when playing with all 30 paylines and maximum bet on an active line, the game will award both the standard and progressive jackpots.


If you match 3 or more Shield symbols or Swords on an active payline, a click-me feature on the reels will trigger an instant win. This bonus pays from 125 to 5,000 coins. You can reveal your prize by choosing between the Sword or the Shield. Your winnings will be multiplied by the amount you bet on each line. This is especially important in this game because the progressive bank can only be won if you bet a maximum of five credits per line.

To unlock the bonus, you must land 3 Sun Dial symbols on an active payline. You will be taken to three doors containing three rare gems. You can reveal your prize by selecting any one of the three doors. Although this game is entirely random, you could win much money if you choose the correct sequence.


The Treasure Room coin value ranges from 0.02 up to 0.50. Five Treasure Chests on a payline activate the progressive jackpot when a maximum wager is placed on all 30 lines. The coin values, bets on each line, paylines, and betting buttons will all be marked, allowing you to enjoy an actual money slot session without any stress.


With BetSoft Slots3, you can now play high-quality games with high-definition graphics that have been handcrafted to give you maximum fun and ample chances to win big. Treasure Room is a slot that is both easy to use and play. The graphics and effects are smooth and sharp. Players will also enjoy the user-friendly interface, where they can easily place bets, monitor their winnings and balances, and customize preferences to enhance the online slot experience further.

The Treasure Room video slot, along with other BetSoft Slots3 titles, is in a league of its own. Its huge payouts, high-quality design, and endless bonuses set it apart.