Hey do you know the fact about the Australian gambling that mass of the people of this place are in habit of visiting the casinos after getting dark to get rid of the tiredness and to freshen themselves. This is the fact that most people are not in the situation to visit the place regularly so keeping in mind about all those the gambling world had given the facility of online pokies which you can use from anywhere and anytime.

You will get every type of events which would be based on every types of subject and will give you the immense feel of joy. The game which I would like to suggest with you all is The Forgotten Land of Lemuria which is really full of adventures and thrill. Actually the event had been designed and developed by the microgaming and it is based on the subject of the forgotten land between the oceans between pacific and Indian ocean.

You will get the combination of five reels and 243 different ways of winning. The range of making the betting ranges from $0.01 to the max of $0.50. For making the win you will have to make the arrangement of the symbols which are provided. The symbols which are used in this one are flowers, crystals skull, and many symbols of the traditional playing cards such as nine, ten, ace, king and many more.

Play Double Diamond Slots for Free

Double Diamond Free Slots is an excellent experience for both novice and expert players. This slot game is very similar to Wild Wolf.
This model is simple and low-stakes and has been a hit with IGT customers. It’s reminiscent of the IGT slot machines found in Las Vegas casinos.
Double Diamond features three reels and a single payline. However, while the maximum wager is three coins, the jackpot can reach 2,500.
Although the sound effects and graphics aren’t too striking, this slot is authentic, with a simple visual that will appeal to fans of traditional casinos.

  • You will be able to win small wins while playing casino slots.
  • The game is a 3-reel slot with 27 winning combinations. It also has the option to auto-spin 50 times.

Multiple options

Double Diamond is a no-download slot. The diamond symbol will bring you the most significant win. Three of these symbols will give you 1,000 times your initial wager. Any other symbol can also replace this symbol on the screen, and it doubles your winnings. For example, two diamonds and seven will quadruple the win. The bar symbols (3-2 and 1) also offer winning options. They pay 5x the combination and the cherries (1 pays 2x the bet, two pays 5x, and three pays 10x).

Fans know this 3-reel video slot offers few bonus opportunities beyond multiplying wins and winning combinations.
Double Diamond slots are free to play, but you cannot win more than a few winning chances.


  • The diamond logo, similar to the Las Vegas slot machines at the same time, is the game’s most important symbol. It pays up to 2.50 coins when it appears three times on the payline.
  • Other symbols include sevens, bars, and cherries. These symbols can also generate exciting wins, depending on how much appears on the lines or the chosen wager.
  • You must select the coin value before you can start playing. It can vary between 1-10. It would be best if you chose the coin value before you started playing. It can vary between 1 and 10.

It is available where?

Double Diamond is available in all regions, including Canada, Great Britain, and Europe.
The machine is fun to play with, despite its simple functions. It also has many possibilities to multiply winnings. This makes it appealing for novices as well as experts.

In the vast, ever-evolving realm of digital amusements, nothing quite captures attention like the allure of online casinos. Picture this: It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon in Australia. You’re nestled in your favorite armchair, and instead of packing up and trekking to a casino, a world of virtual pokies beckons at your fingertips. Intriguing, isn’t it?

Among the myriad offerings, there’s the “Forgotten Land of Lemuria.” Ah! Not just a game, but a voyage. It tempts you, whisks you away to lands of legends – all from the cozy corner of your home.

Let’s switch gears a bit. The digital casino cosmos? Oh, it’s brimming, almost overflowing with choices. You’ve got slots echoing tales from epochs long gone, while some resonate with the bustling vibes of contemporary times. Distinct features? Check. Varied bonuses? Check. Diverse pay lines? You bet! It’s a smorgasbord, ensuring that every player, whether a greenhorn or a seasoned gambler, finds their perfect fit.

Ah, speaking of timeless charms – ever heard of the Double Diamond slots? If classic slots had royalty, this would be it. An ode to those age-old slot machines that once graced the land casinos, playing it is like stepping into a time machine. It’s got that vintage essence, minus the rust. The unadulterated joy of Las Vegas, without the jet lag.

Now, for those obsessed with aesthetics, a word of caution. Don’t expect a visual extravaganza. But, hey! That’s where its beauty lies. Unpretentious and simple. For the novices out there, the three reels won’t send you into a tizzy. And the symbols? The diamond reigns supreme. Catch this – it doesn’t just ensure a big win; it spices things up, doubling up, jazzing up other combinations.

One might ponder, in an age where even our coffee machines need software updates, how user-friendly is this slot game? Well, fret not! The Double Diamond, with its no-download feature, ensures no tedious waits. Click, play, repeat. In our hustle-bustle lives, such instant gratifications are, dare I say, a boon.

Wrapping up this roller-coaster of thoughts, traditional casinos surely have a magnetic charm. But online pokies? They offer a different kind of magic. Dive into the enigma of Lemuria or chase those dazzling diamonds; there’s a virtual world waiting. So, when the daily grind gets a tad too much, always remember – exhilarating escapades are just a click, a tap, a swipe away.